Saturday, February 18, 2012

'Onipa'a Oakland 2011

Estria, Prime, Bam
Youth Empowerment School, Oakland, California
October 2011


Surprisingly, this public school in Oakland has a number of Hawaiian and Samoan youth, and Estria wanted them to be represented in the mural. Estria painted the word, ‘Onipa’a, and Prime, a Rasta Tiki. They put the 8 major Hawaiian islands in the letter, ‘O’.


‘Onipa’a is a combination of two words: ‘oni means ‘movement,’ and pa’a means ‘to stand firm, still, steadfast.’ ‘Onipa‘a was a word often used by Kamehameha and Lili‘uokalani. The Queen spoke of ‘Onipa‘a as the way our kingdom would survive.



“‘Onipa’a” was the last command of our Queen to her people to avoid bloodshed…
Hawai‘i is illegally occupied by the U.S.!
‘Onipa’a means “to hold steadfast”
“Hold on to your culture, and progress forward!!!”
--Prime, October 2011

Malama e,
Prime and Estria


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