Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pawa'a Lane 2009

Pawa‘a Lane, Honolulu, O‘ahu
Estria, Prime, Bam, Dmize, Pest3
December 2009


Estria’s lifelong buddy, Cory Kimura, turned him onto the VBS television series, Toxic Garbage Island. This set off a fire within Estria and sparked his desire to paint a mural about the pollution in the ocean. The concept, developed by Estria and Mike Bam, emulated the beauty of Wyland’s whale murals, yet added the crucial message about the reality of the effect of ‘opala (trash) on the sea and its life. Disguising the trash by rendering it in the calming blue hues of the ocean, the team hoped to slowly pull the public into the message: Beauty first, message second.


Prime added the image of the Kanaka Maoli god, Kanaloa, rising out of the ocean, here gaining strength because of the opala’s destruction. The moon goddess, Hina, in her form as the ‘elepaio bird, sits atop the tiki with a plastic fork in her mouth.


Some highlights: This mural became the impetus for The Estria Foundation’s #WaterWrites international mural series. Dmize officially overcame his fear of heights. Thanks to Pest3, Estria fell in love with painting he‘e (octopus). This was the first major project of the 808 Urban team.


"Ua mau ke ea o ka āina i ka pono o Hawai‘i
Tears would come from each other’s eyes
As they would stop to realize
That our land is in great, great danger now"
--“Hawai‘i 78,” Israel Kamakawiwo‘ole
originally written by Micky Ioane, Abe Keala, Cleyton Kua, and David Crowley

Watch the Toxic Garbage Island series.




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